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October 4, 2021

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EJS link RiconTake a look around wherever you are, if you are near a building or structure, somebody has worked on it! There are all kinds of professionals involved in the construction arena including designers, architects, engineers, builders, electricians, plumbers, the list is extensive. The built environment contains skyscrapers, bridges, hospitals, airports, railways and houses to name just a few. Some contractors specialise in one or two aspects of building while others can handle the entire project.

To maintain an enviable reputation, construction professionals have to ensure that their projects are attractive, safe, sustainable and completed on time and within budget. If you’re interested in working within construction, but aren’t too sure about the specifics, here are some ideas about careers available in this field:

Architects – these professionals design buildings and structures, while architectural technologists focus more on the technical aspects.

Building or mechanical engineers – ensure that things like plumbing, heating, ventilation systems etc will function properly. They also deal with electrics and other areas, ensuring the smooth operation of these fundamental parts of a project.

Surveyors – will assess a building and report on its condition regarding repairs or damp etc, and will provide technical advice.

Civil engineers – along with structural and geotechnical engineers, these professionals make sure that designs work in practice. They may work in an office or onsite, with structural engineers ascertaining that the basic structure of a building is sound. Geotechnical engineers are mainly concerned with the integrity of the building foundations.

Landscape architects – design and manage our environment and open spaces, a big part of their work is creating desirable public areas.

Site Managers – monitor how the project is progressing, focussing on completion targets, budget adherence and build quality.

Quantity surveyors – assist construction projects in making a profit, and are involved in the financial side of the build. They assess cost in theory and in reality, reporting their findings.
Trades and crafts – these include things like bricklaying, carpentry, joinery, stone masonry, electrical work, scaffolding, painting and decorating and floor work.

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