Public / Private Linking

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dreamstime_717106EJS has developed specific expertise in linking public services with the business community.

Health Sector

The seeds of this speciality were sewn when Elaine worked with BAA, forming partnerships with the then District General Hospitals to install retail units, including cafés, florists, convenience stores, and privatised car parking.

Elaine was then awarded a 12 month contract with The Royal Oldham Hospital to assist in the establishment of a commercial occupational health business, Mediscreen. This contract also covered privatised car-parking and the negotiation of opportunities for retail units within the hospital.

Further & Higher Education

This assignment led to the first EJS consultancy project with the University of Salford. It involved researching and meeting the needs of Chief Executives of the hospitals that were seeking Trust status. This led eventually to 25 Chief Executives joining the North West Chief Executives forum.

EJS Marketing Consultancy now has a strong reputation for nurturing partnerships within both the Public and Private sectors. Universities in particular are very interested in working with industry to raise revenue and government is increasingly encouraging universities to link up with industry.

An example of the commitment to this initiative is The Higher Education Innovation Fund, which provided £220m of awards over a two year period.
The government wishes to encourage universities to follow the example of universities in the USA, where they raise endowments worth millions of dollars from charitable giving.

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