dreamstime_1263197Since enrolling onto teh High Growth programme, Elaine Simons from EJS Marketing has been a fantastic source of advice and her knowledge and expertise has helped with the development and growth of Mint Recruitment in so many ways.

With her guidance, we have taken a step back from the reactive day-to-day operations and now see a clear future for the company and ca be proactive with our objectives and targets. We now know what we want to achieve, when we need to achieve it by and how we are going to achieve it by using an orbit diagram and planning procedure for the company.

All of us at Mint now feel confident that we are heading in the right direction and can overcome this difficult climate to come out the other end more focused, determined and driven to be successful, provide a unique service and grow the company gradually and profitably.

Andrew Ainscough
Mints Recruitment Solutions Ltd

Even from our initial meeting with our High Growth consultants the impact on our business was significant. We are fortunate to have the services of two consultants with 2 distinct areas of expertise.

Elaine Simons is able to give us the benefit of her great knowledge, creativity and experience in Sales and Marketing and this is exactly what we need to enhance our business and drive it forward.

Elaine has become key to helping us maximise on our high growth potential and she is working with us to develop a business strategy that will take the company forward to an even more successful future.

Joan Pooley FIRP,
Northern Employment Services Ltd

Hi Elaine,

I just wanted to say thanks for your Marketing Workshop last night, I thought it was very informative and the feedback we have had so far from the business had been fantastic. Please can you also thank Hilary for us?

Due to this feedback, and the fact that we know that there are a number of businesses that would have been very keen to be there if they could, it would be good if we could organise another session directed at retailers.

Suzy Woods
Marketing, Events and Promotions Officer
Rochdale Town Centre Management Company

The style in which Elaine teaches is both empathetic to the needs of individuals and also very motivational. A monthly session with Elaine would see all businesses running like clockwork I’m sure! I have seen an increase in sales and feel this is due to the Marketing sessions helping me to be more focused.

Thank you

Jo Pott
True Serenity Holistic Health

The marketing workshops offered by the Women’s Enterprise Initiative and run by Elaine Simons gave an amazing insight into the world of marketing. It highlighted the main objectives regarding how to promote your business in a competitive market.

The information given was informative and thought provoking, enabling you to relate all of the information to your own particular business and providing us with the tools to implement it.

Elaine’s style of the delivery was fantastic. There was a flexible and relaxed atmosphere and everyone was encouraged to participate, bounce ideas off each other and give constructive feedback. Everyone on the course took a wealth of useful information away with them.

As a result, I have used this knowledge and experiences from the courses to analyse my business; it’s services and identify differnt ways of operating. I understand many aspects that I previously didn’t and have made modifications to the way my business operates and the services I provide. This has meant that I have increased sales and income. I also have the marketing knowledge and tools to continue to do so in the future.

Both myself and my mother (Maureen Davies) very much appreciated the opportunity and got a lot out of the workshops.

Liz Davies
Lotus Defence

Hi Elaine,
You asked – ‘have our marketing meetings improved your business?’

The short answer is a definite yes!

  • I have adopted a more professional approach e.g. letter headed paper, business cards etc.
  • I have gained more confidence in the business world. I am not frightened to say exactly what I want from prospective clients.
  • I have the confidence to cold call.
  • The know how to send out mail shots using the correct sequence.
  • The importance of advertising and networking.
  • How to pitch my prices.
  • Elaine has always been there for me at critical times in my business and given me the support and advice I needed.
  • My business has developed from a small local business to a growing national business. I am absolutely thrilled and I owe so much to Elaine Elaine has been my mentor and has done this with such total energy and enthusiasm. She has been an inspiration to us all.

Ann Holt
Premier Food Hygiene Training

Dear Elaine,
The marketing workshops have helped my business in a number of ways:-

  1. Receiving the support of other small business owners.
  2. Receiving information and support from Elaine personally.
  3. Discussing marketing materials and receiving feed back.
  4. Effective planning for marketing.
  5. Helping me to think about how I want the business to progress.
  6. passing on very useful contacts.

The information received at the workshops has contributed to my revised business model, this is an ongoing process.

Kind regards
Nicol Rudkin

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